Oud Cambodi

Oud Cambodi is Agarwood from Cambodia and is a luxury scent used in palaces. With a traditional Cambodian profile: sweet and deep woody with a light floral touch, Oud Cambodi’s heavy smokiness and woody scent is it’s signature and distinguishes it from the rest.

Feel the sense of acceptance with Oud Cambodi! Embrace the precious blend that makes you feel powerful and unstoppable.

10.900 KD

Oud Wardia

Lose yourself in the delightful and delicate Rose notes of Oud Wardia. Oud Wardia captures the senses as blossoming flowers pop with spirited energy.

3.900 KD

Oud Fakhir

The sweet and mysterious aroma of Oud Fakhir will stay in your mind, body and soul for a long time and surround you with its luxurious scent.

6.900 KD

Oud Sakina

The entrancing aura of an invigorating blend with rich oriental notes instantly rejuvenates your mood whike lifting your spirits high.

3.900 KD